Fire Protection System

Fire, accidents, natural disasters – trouble can strike at any time, with devastating effects on your people and your business. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Protean‘s Fire and Life Safety Solutions are a positive and proven way you can minimize your risk, help prevent property loss and ensure a safer environment for your people. Whether you oversee the safety and protection of a school or industrial facility from a single PC, or monitor a large, globally-integrated network for commercial or government facilities, our versatile Fire and Life Safety Solutions are scalable to virtually any size facility and system configuration. Protean is capable of meeting today’s needs and tomorrow’s changing requirements for integrated fire detection and suppression systems. We combine fire protection systems and technical expertise, which affords the extra measure of safety and reliability for any facility – anywhere!

Fire protection accessories offered

1)Fire & Smoke Detection &Alarm Systems
2)Fire Suppression System
3)Fire Extinguishers
4)Personal Protection Equipment