Solar & Industrial Power Backup Solutions

Protean has available highly expert team for Solar & Power Backup solutions which has installed thousands of kilo Watts with a very high rate of customer satisfaction which is not only possible due to the use of
High Quality PV products but also because of the design considerations. Our designing team designs the PV system for the customer keeping in view the requirements and local environmental conditions with very high consideration for protection system for Solar Panels, Invertors & batteries which not only ensures high performance of the system but also long life expectancy of the products installed, which makes sure that the customer gets maximum savings on the investment made in Solar System over a long period of time.

Industrial Power Backup
Protean provides multiple power backup solutions for industries and commercial customers with options ranging from single phase UPS for
computers or PLCs with rating of few VAto three phase UPS with rating in kVAs. Moreover protean recommends and provides customers high quality Dry Gell Batteries of top brands recognized worldwide which under optimal conditions have a very high life expectancy of up to 12 years.

Solar Solutions Offered

1)Grid Tied Solar System
Grid Tie Systems, or Grid Connected Systems, are connected to utility grids and feed power to the local load or back into the grid.
2)Hybrid Solar System
Combines electrical energy from both Solar & Grid. Solar is dominant during day hours. During nighttime, load is operated using the energy stored in solar batteries or on grid electricity.
3)StandAlone Solar System
Standalone Solar Power Systems are completely independent from any electric utility grid. They are most often used in remote areas where electricity is not available.

Products Offered
1)Solar Panels.
2)Solar Invertors
3)Dry Gel Batteries/ Sealed Acid Batteries
4)Solar LED Lights
5)Solar Tube wells
6)Single Phase UPS
7)Three Phase Industrial UPS